Wednesday, July 16, 2014

PBville Once Again

     Here we are again in beautiful Leadville and once again, we were welcomed with a downpour that lasted off and on from the time we made it to the top of Independence Pass until early this morning. Thankfully, we were smarter this time around and slept in the car from the get go. Although, the rain pounding on the roof STILL made it nearly impossible to sleep. We toyed at the Molly Brown campground at Turquoise Lake again and had a spot right by the water.
     We're back at the coffee shop we came to last year, trying to warm up and recover from trying to make oatmeal and Canadian bacon in the bone chilling wind. I'm sitting here enjoying an American cappuccino with a bacon and cheddar biscuit, and Sasquatch is scarfing down a slab of banana bread with almonds and a LARGE brewed coffee.

     Here are a few photos from yesterday's drive and camping spot.

Driving over Independence Pass.

Everything seemed to be glowing that day.

The top of the Pass.

Driving out to Turquoise Lake, Leadville.

Looking for a camping spot.

Molly Brown campground, right on Turquoise Lake.

Standing on the shore of the lake, you can just barely see out camp through the trees.

Working on his chainmaille.

My hair looks like it's on fire, ha.

Sunset on the lake.


  1. Nice pictures. Glad you guys could get a way. Have fun. Rain happens.


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