Saturday, July 19, 2014

Rocky Mountain National Park & Estes Park

Hi all!

     We are back home now! Our wifi access was limited but I am now here, ready to update you and post some pictures. It only took me hours to email them from my tablet, download them all, convert them to JPG files, edit them, and finally post. Phew.

     Of course, we had to make our usual stops in Leadville. The Western Hardware Antique store (a place I fondly remember having old fashioned candy sticks as a kid), The Rock Hut (where Sasquatch picked up some cool pieces of stones and some feathers from Turkey Tom), City on a Hill coffee shop, and a new shop, The Aspen Traders (where I found an ADORABLE little deer ring).
     After our coffee, it was time to hit the road and head off towards Rocky Mountain National Park, and Estes Park. Two places I have never been to! The drive was beautiful, and we were down out of Leadville just in time to save my head from exploding from the altitude. We had rain THE WHOLE DRIVE (a recurring theme on our camping trips in seems) but it made for some awesome pictures.
     We quickly drove through Rocky Mountain National Park (SOMEONE was in a big hurry to find a camping spot), but we were able to take our time driving back through the next day on our way to Steamboat Springs. The weather was exactly what your stereotypical Colorado weather would be. We had sunshine, rain, rainbows, hail, snow, fog...all within minutes of each other.

Sunshine and rain...imagine that!

It was about here that it started snowing. It was 46 degrees at the top.
And around the corner the snow ceased.
      Estes Park is a really charming little ski town. We were lamenting the fact that we didn't have a lot of money, because there were some fun stores downtown. We got to see a little excitement too...we were in the rock shop browsing, when we suddenly heard sirens. Fire trucks, police, and ambulances pull up right across the street and block off the road. We were wondering what could be going on and everyone on the street was buzzing about their speculations. Turns out, it was a fire from one of the restaurants. Thankfully, everyone was okay, and the firemen didn't seem too concerned.We made camp at a local KOA (running water! Yay!) and amused ourselves eavesdropping on our "neighbors" and talking about what we would do the next day. Then we settled in for the night in our trial and error "tent" (which is the back of our car). We seem to be getting quicker at converting our backseat into a bed and making it a little more cozy each time.

Sasquatch being a goon.

The sunset over Estes Park.

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