Monday, July 14, 2014

The Travel Bug Has Bitten Again

Well, here we are nearly a year after our first major roadtrip.

     Not much has changed over here on the Western Slope. We just got back from an overnight trip to Boulder for a Great Gatsby themed birthday party. That short, 3 hour drive has whet my appetite for adventure. The pine trees, the mountains, the snow. The mountains are calling....

     With little money to spend, and several days of vacation time to use up, we're getting ready to hit the road once again and use our super smart minds to have a frugal but fun trip. This time around will not be as long and as crazy as the last, and we will probably be following a similar route that started us on our journey last year.

     So, feel free to follow along. Again, the posts may not be often or they could be every hour, but I can promise lots of pictures and lots of memories.

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