Thursday, July 25, 2013

Road Trip 2013: Independence Pass-Twin Lakes-Leadville

     It's Buns again! Here are our photos from yesterday and this morning of the trip over Independence Pass, stopping in Twin Lakes and our stay in Leadville.

Driving over Independence Pass

The top of Independence Pass

Twin Lakes

Su Baru or Forester Gump

Our mascot.

Leadville, Colorado. The highest incorporated town in America.

The Silver Dollar Saloon. By the way, Mom, it was disappointing! The Scarlet Tavern was better.

My childhood playground. Hasn't changed a bit.

The house we used to live in, but cuter now.

Me, walking back from our former house.

Turquoise Lake in Leadville, Colorado

This was my first chapter book I read in first grade. I was so proud when my teacher sent me to go read a third grade book! I found this at a store in Leadville and had to buy it.

Gifts for my brother and sister that Sasquatch picked out.

A trip to Leadville wouldn't be complete without a stop at Hundley's for candy!

The "scary" town of Red Cliff. It was a bunch of TOTALLY Colorado people, Mom, haha.

My dream catcher I bought in Steamboat Springs

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