Thursday, July 25, 2013

Road Trip 2013: PBville (Leadville)

Hi everyone, this is Buns!

     We made it to Leadville or PBville as the people here say. Yesterday was a beautiful afternoon and we walked around town, tried out the local bars, stopped at some of my favorite childhood shops, and then drove out to Turquoise Lake to make camp. We cooked up some quesadillas and refried beans with cheese and had some chips and peppery corn salsa. The night was going well until we went to bed. The sky decided it would be a funny thing to start raining on us so we had to get up and put the rain fly on. We got settled back in bed and I was almost asleep when the sky began to rumble and the rain began to pour. As the rain would start to calm and I would start to drift off again the dogs in the distance began howling. And so it went. All. Night. Long.

     This morning we woke up to wet pillows and sleeping bags but I was still determined to have a good time despite the sleepless night and the soggy bedding. I got up and we made Canadian bacon, egg, and cheese croissant roll breakfast sandwiches, packed up camp and headed back into town. Now, here we are sitting in City On A Hill coffee shop drinking coffee and having a breakfast burrito. We're about ready to hit the road and start the next leg of our journey, heading up into Wyoming.

      Until next time!


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