Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Road Trip 2013: Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Hi there, "Buns" here!
     Wandering can be a marvelous thing. It can be relaxing and freeing. A time for self meditation. A time to sit and soak up all that life has to offer. We were born with a desire to see the world and now, almost two years after we were married, we have decided it's time to begin our journey. We want to see everything, and what better place to start than in our own backyard? Some day we want to own a vintage trailer (GLAMPING LADIES!) and a cool old car to travel around in. But for now, we're packing up the Subaru and hitting the road!
     We've never embarked on an unmapped adventure, but here we are packing up for our first epic roadtrip! We plan on leaving this afternoon (so much to do, so little time) and our first stop is a place that I spent the first part of my childhood: Leadville, Colorado. "Sasquatch" has never been here so I am excited to show him around and take him to some of my favorite childhood shops. We plan on driving over Independence Pass in Aspen, Colorado and coming up into Leadville the back way (pictures to follow).
     Our posts may not be frequent or they could be every few hours. We will do our best to keep everyone updated on our trip and we will take LOTS of pictures to share! And remember; Not all those who wander are lost.
                "Sasquatch" & "Buns"
The first leg of our trip.
You can't go on a trip without some blank notebooks.
Sasquatch's Roadtrip Juice.
Listening to: Cretin Hop by The Ramones

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