Monday, July 29, 2013

Road Trip 2013: Yellowstone The Wild Frontier

Other geysers around Old Faithful

Old Faithful

The crowd waiting for the geyser to go off

There it goes!

Old Faithful

Hiking to Mystic Falls

Mystic Falls

Local beer

Earthquake Lake. Most awesome place EVER.

Camping in Montana, outside of Yellowstone.

Earthquake Lake in the morning.

Boris and the lake

Bald eagle

Sunrise over the lake

Photo by S.

Photo by S.

Photo by S.

Photo by S.

Photo by S.

Boiling pot o' mud

Osprey nest

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone


Field of buffalo

Dragon's Mouth

Camping in Yellowstone. Our last night.

The Terraces

Sheepeater's Cliff

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